Primary School

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We work with students and families to plan the transition from primary to secondary school, focusing on needs, strengths and challenges, and communicating these in an Individual Transition Plan.

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We help children and young people with special needs and disabilities to manage the transition to post-primary school, by building confidence, and developing resilience and coping strategies.

Secondary School

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Young people who experience significant challenges in school, or who have special educational needs or disabilities, benefit from guidance and planning for life after school.

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MyUniPlan is a personalised planning programme to assist with the transition from school to college or employment, including identification of needs and supports, and communicating these to colleges and employers.

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MyUniPlan helps students to develop occupational skills, build on strengths, and make good choices for the future. We provide students and parents with expertise, resources, advice and information that is essential for a successful transition.

We have also published a practical guide and workbook for students and parents to use at home.

Find out more about Planning Transitions from Post-primary School for Young People with Special Needs and Disabilities

What We Offer

  Personalised Transition Planning

We work with the student and their family to build an Individual Transition Plan that focuses on needs, abilities and aspirations for the future.

  Assessment of strengths and challenges

We do this by assessing current strengths and challenges, and identifying actions that will help the student to achieve their goals. We provide guidance to ensure there is continual progress towards success.

  Building skills

We use activities that help students to: become self-aware and self-determined, explore technologies and study skills, manage daily living tasks, and make good choices for life after school.

  Managing transition

We provide mentoring, advocacy and resource materials to assist with applying to the DARE scheme, managing new environments, and arranging supports in college or the workplace.


Who We Are

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Alison Doyle

Dr. Alison Doyle has decades of experience in educational assessment and consultation, child development, counselling and guidance, and assistive technology solutions. Alison has worked with students with disabilities and special needs in primary, secondary and higher education in Ireland, Europe and internationally. Alison is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Psychological Society of Ireland, and the Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (PATOSS).

Alison has completed PhD research in Trinity College Dublin, investigating the transition journey of students with SEN and disabilities in Ireland. A full description of Alison's professional experience and qualifications is available at her LinkedIn profile.

Collaboration with students and their families is the cornerstone of her philosophy.


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